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A virtual point of care

Easily connect care teams and patients on-site or via telehealth to improve access, reduce costs, and build better experiences.

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Easily connect care teams and patients on-site or via telehealth to improve access, reduce costs, and build better experiences.

Add Your Heading Text Here

Easily connect care teams and patients on-site or via telehealth to improve access, reduce costs, and build better experiences.

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Productive’s Ai is here to enhance your voice. Affording you opportunities to do more business, while keeping your life organized. 

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Your Call History Now Has Superpowers!

Your monotonous call history just got a BIG upgrade. Now you can filter your calls by type, review a single line summary of every call, and even playback the recording and transcript of every call; so now you NEVER forget a detail again!

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The Easiest Way To Take Notes. Ever!

Quick notes, in-call voice notes, even automated notes, make Productive a must-have for high-performing individuals. No need to write things down on paper, in other apps, or even rely on your memory. Productive ensures any kind of note is accessible where you need it, and when you need it.

The Details Of Your Conversations Stored Automatically

Automatic is the way that leads you to happiness. That’s right! Productive allows you to store your note and call details wherever you want. There is no need to ever be disorganized again. Simply make your calls and all the details will be stored in your Productive app or in your Wise Agent CRM.

Discover What People are Saying

See what hardworking professionals like you have to say about Productive.

Mark Karten



“Like every other agent, I’m busying driving around, I’m doing a million things. The goal of a CRM is to have everything in one place. And now to have this ability to have all my call records in a contact, is a game-changer. And not to have to take notes, and for liability purposes I can disclose my calls. I’m covered in a million different ways!”

Ed Brittingham



“Think of the time you save, not having to record notes of conversations – no more forgetting to update the contact notes. Get a call from a new lead, the same thing transcribed/recorded conversation – and you can add the lead from the app directly into my CRM. Such a great app!”

Tim Padden

Business Owner


“It’s the fact that I can go back to conversations and look at them”…”It’s good to be able to go back and look at what we spoke about, search for keywords, listen to it, that’s very helpful for me”

Marsha Fisk



“Productive is an unbelievably useful tool for organization, efficiency, and freeing up our mental memory. Productive provides excellent customer and tech support—meaning they are patient and thorough.”

Michael Borella

Salesforce User


“I really like the automatic call logging. Takes quite a bit of data entry out of my hands.”


Realtor & SaaS Developer


“I literally can’t wait for my phone to ring”




“I love the way it pops me right in to the contacts page while I’m on my call. It’s a smoother transition than using my CRM’s app. Plus I get access to all that contacts’ e-mails, documents, and form fields”

Solve Realtor Risks

[Searchable] Call Recording & Transcription

As a Realtor, it can be difficult to protect yourself from false statements, especially when there’s a lot on the line. By using Productive and Wise Agent together, you’ll have your calls recorded and transcribed – so you’ll have the evidence to back you up if you’re ever being misled.

Get the commission you deserve – everytime

No Realtor wants to miss out on their fair share because of a mathematical error. When you enhance your calls with Productive, all the numbers discussed will be there. And you’ll get the piece of the pie that you’ve earned. Integrate Productive App with Wise Agent today!

All on the world's first mobile call assistant

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Carrier grade

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Connect the applications and CRMs you love most to connect your calls and automate your workflow.


Hands-free notes

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Wise Agent Exclusive Pricing


$ 20
  • Ai Call Summarization
  • Enhanced Call Inbox
  • Call Recording & Transcription
  • Automated Calendar Event Detection
  • Automated Task Detection
  • Automated Note-Taking
  • In-Call Voice Notes
  • Voicemail w/ Live Transcriptions


$ 29
  • Includes Personal Features
  • CRM Integration
  • Automated Call Logging
  • CRM Form Filling
  • Call Transcripts w/Audio
  • G-Mail Integration
  • Calendar Integration
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Let's Chat
  • Management Dashboard
  • User Analytics
  • Product Catalog Identification
  • Encryption
  • Database Integration

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your calls are important to us. That’s why we want to make sure you go in with all the info you need.

In short, yes! But depending on the State/Country you are in, you need to be aware of the laws.

Call recording is already widely used by businesses for conversation reference, customer service quality assurance, and legal compliance.

Recording is Federally legal (18 U.S.C. 2511(2)(d)) with the consent of at least one party (you). In addition to this Federal statute, 38 states and the District of Columbia have adopted this “one-party” consent requirement.

The rest of the States require two-party consent, which means everyone on the call must consent to the call being recorded. These states include: California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Washington State.

You can review information about your State’s recording laws HERE

We currently support users on:

  • AT&T

  • Verizon

  • T-Mobile

  • Sprint*

Carriers we don’t currently support can be found here.

*For Sprint, the devices supported need to support VoLTE:

If you are a Sprint customer, Productive is only supported by VoLTE enabled devices.

The following devices support VoLTE. Be sure to have device software updated to the latest version to support this feature.


iPhone 8, 8 Plus and newer models

Apple Watch Series 3 and newer. Requires Cellular Activation.


Galaxy S Series (S8 / S8+ and newer models)

Galaxy S Series (S8 SE / S8+ SE and newer models)

Galaxy Note Series (Note 8 and newer models)

Galaxy Note Series (Note 8 SE and newer models)

Galaxy A Series (A6, A10e, A20, A50, A51, A71 5G)

Galaxy A Series (A10e SE, A20 SE, A50 SE, A51 SE)

Galaxy J Series (J3 Achieve and J7 Refine)

Galaxy Z Flip

Galaxy Fold

Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch Active2 and newer. Requires Cellular Activation.


G Series (G7 and newer models)

V Series (V30+ and newer models)

Tribute Series (Empire, Royal)

Stylo Series (4, 4+ and newer models)

K Series (K30 and newer models)


Pixel 3, 3 XL and newer models


7 Pro 5G

8 5G


G Power

G Stylus


G Fast

Please enter your Productive App settings.

Scroll down to applications.

Click “Connect” besides KW Command.

Follow the steps to sign up and activate Productive.

Watch a tutorial on how to do this HERE.

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