Productive logs all your call details and notes, directly to your CRM. But that’s not all. We also provide tools to ensure you’re supercharging your productivity with state-of-the-art call features.


The most important part of calls is the content. Get the right tools you need to retain, retrieve, and utilize this information effortlessly.


Be prepared for every call using screen pop, a feature which provides you caller information, notes, and call history for your contacts or CRM. See notes from the history of your last call, to their favorite sports team.


Say goodbye to scattered-unorganized notes, paper notepads, and multiple note taking apps. Productive makes note taking effortless. With in-call voice-notes and hands-free post-call summarization, your conversation details will be stored instantly in one place, on your CRM. You can even review your call recordings by keywords, to ensure 100% accurate recall of your conversations.


It’s tough to remember everything. Now you can choose to record important calls automatically or turn it on during a call. Transcription (beta) allows you to read and export the transcript, or search for conversations later.


Productive is the first app that connects your mobile calls with your CRM, unleashing productivity never before seen in business communications.


True CRM integration with your mobile calls means creating and accessing leads, contacts, and notes automatically for both incoming and outgoing calls. Eliminate 40-60 minutes of data-entry every day right from your mobile!


Access the full functionality of your connected CRM in the Productive app so you can perform tasks that normally require switching between multiple apps or using your laptop. Create cases, access documents, initiate drip campaigns, and more.


Customize your call-capture settings, all the while remaining legally compliant. Personal contacts off, business contacts on, and even contact by contact settings. Customize your mobile calls with business features previously only available on office phones.

Even more enhanced call features…

Single or Dual-Party Call Capture

For the first time, you can easily record your mobile calls, while remaining legally compliant with customizable disclosure messages only found on office lines.

Turn recording on or off for CRM contacts, personal contacts, unknown callers, or per contact. You can even choose to record just yourself so no disclosure is required, and still remember every word you said.

Custom Recording Disclosures

Play a greeting to callers that announce your name and company. If you’ve chosen to record the call, you can also choose the best recording disclosure for your purpose. Select the default note-taking reason or pick from training, quality, or compliance purposes, or even customize your own disclosure.

Professional-Grade Voicemail

Your voicemails are transcribed in REAL-TIME, as quick as the other party can speak it. No more waiting to listen to voicemail or read the transcribed text. With unlimited voicemail storage, you’ll never miss another one because of a full mailbox again.

Secure Cloud Access

Store your recordings, notes, and tasks securely and reliably in the cloud so they’re safe even if you lose your device. Retain full control of your data, and choose to delete it at any time.


Productive can dramatically improve your team’s win-rate and productivity, while reducing busy-work and stress. With automatic call logging, CRM integration, and automatic call preparation, your team can now have everything they need to close deals and get more done in record time.

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