A formalized rant by a natural-born seller.

Talk about an abrasive headline, right? To be fair, in the business world, we have all met our share of “idiots”, have we not? Now, before I continue, on any sort of destructive path, we should probably define this seemingly derogatory term:

IDIOT; noun
} Informal: A stupid person.
[Archaic: a person of low intelligence.]

The informal definition truly doesn’t tell us much. A stupid person could be an imbecile, ignorant, moronic; but a person of low intelligence is much more specific and direct for our purpose here.

Now, what do sales and idiocracy have anything to do with my train of thought? It’s directed at the latter definition above. Low intel. Because high-performing sales teams use nearly three times the amount of sales technology than underperforming teams (Docusign).

We all know about CRM and cloud integrations. But adoption still remains idiotically low. Why, you ask? Simply put, your CRM doesn’t save time. You still need to access multiple platforms. And still, in most cases, you need to log calls and notes manually. And then accessing that information is a whole can of worms I don’t want to open. But the hell with it… I’ll try.

Using Productive Call Assistant is a form of intel, available to all, which drastically increases one’s intelligence. Not to say if you don’t use the product, you’re an idiot; but really, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

  • SCREEN POP: Productive prepares you for every incoming call, instantly! No need to dig through papers, open up the CRM, nor play “Guess Who” (This low intel approach is the can of worms I was referring to). Isn’t that the worst! You get a call and spend the first 2 minutes trying to figure out who it is, where they work, or the nature of what you spoke about with them. Any and all time wasted during a phone call, is time spent destroying your likelihood of closing a deal. Being informed as to the leads business, needs, prior conversations, and even personal notes; all make a drastic difference in the effectiveness of a winning sales call.
  • AUTOMATIC CALL LOGGING: So, when I first got into this industry, I was kind of confused about call logging. It sounded like a term used to describe a CIA operative, tapping a line, and taking notes. Merely, it meant the person making the call (Or the one who is trying to make the sale), would take notes during or after the call, enter them in a written long (Circa 1990), and then enter it into the CRM system their company has imposed. But talk about redundancy. What a waste of time.

Here is a standard outdated flow, to sales calls with low intel.

1. Make the call.
2. Be present in the call.
3. Take notes during the call. (Now not present)
4. Log the call into a CRM platform, that may or may not be mobiley accessible.
5. Enter notes into the CRM
6. Follow up on to-do list items
7. Send follow up e-mails to the lead or schedule your next follow up with them.
8. And lastly… Remembering the details of that conversation when you contact them again.

Sure, that’s an exaggerated list of stuff a sales rep does (Or is it?). But, that’s the nature of the beast we live in. We are inundated with data, and information and the value we put on accessing that information accurately and efficiently is legitimately priceless.

Remember. Most great artists have great tools. Most great films have great crews and talent. Most great restaurants have the best ingredients and imagination. It should be no different for salespeople. You need great tools, leadership, and the ability to provide value to your customers.

That’s my rant on idiocy. It’s like the movie limitless. If there was a pill available, that allowed you access to 100% of your brain’s capacity, memory, and processing power; would you take it?
Of course you would.

WHY should we be speaking, and then manually re-iterate the interpretations of the call at a later time?
WHAT would our sales numbers, win-rate, and business growth look like if we saved 20 hours a week on the bul*****t that doesn’t generate revenue?
HOW could someone mitigate the 8 step process of sales calls, and boil it down to one step… Be Productive. (Meh, not my best point, but you see where I’m going).
WHERE would one find such a solution to all of life’s sales problems?

Simple. Productive.App

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